I Need To Restart.

Hello guys!!! You probably clicked on this and wondering what I mean by “I Need To Restart”. But I mean I’m going to redo my feed, and do a theme. I’m going to be taking better quality pictures and posting things that you guys enjoy reading. When I read my own posts I think wow this is boring. And I don’t know if you guys think that. Oh and if you guys know any good apps that I can edit my pictures with please comment. Now this isn’t going to be just me rambling about how I don’t like the content that I’m posting. 

As you know that school is coming up.. Yay.. I’m so excited..So happy… uh. Today I went to my school to get my schedule for this year and I’m happy with what I have I just don’t like what lunch I am In. 

I crossed out my address and the schools name and stuff but ya that’s my schedule.  And we start in 2DAYS!!! Yes 2. let me repeat that.. 2 DAYS. Summer went by in ah blink. The only part that I actually like about school is the new clothes, supplies, exc. 

but ya that’s all I wanted to tell you guys!! Love ya,

The Liebster Award!

Hey guys this is my second post today but that’s okay. Today, I was nominated for the Liebster Award by lilyxoxoh. Thanks so so much Lily!!

  1. What’s your favorite thing about having a blog? My favorite thing about having a blog is that I’m able to talk to you guys about everything and anything! I’m so happy that I have one because writing every night is fun to me and I just love it.
  2. Best year of your life (so far)? The best year of my life so far is 2017. This year has just been the best and I’ve had a lot of fun! I’m kinda sad that it’s almost over. But the reason this is the best year yet is because I basically have no regrets this year and there’s nothing I would take back!
  3. What’s one thing you did in your life that you really regret? There’s nothing I can think of at the top of my head but if I had to choose one, I regret my sense of style a couple years ago. Every time I look through my old phones camera roll.. just what was I even thinking. 
  4. What was/ is your favorite subject in school? My favorite subject in school would have to be History. I’ve never had a problem with history and I’ve always gotten an A in that class.
  5. What’s your favorite restaurant? I have sooo many favorite restaurants but one of my favs is either Olive Garden or Portofino’s. If you don’t know what those two are, Olive Garden is an itailian restaurant and Portofino’s is Italian too. I’m Italian that’s probably why I like Italian food lol.
  6. What’s your favorite quote? “Happy never goes out of style” 
  7. Who’s you celebrity crush? Justin Bieber of course I’ve liked him since I was like 7 and I still do:) he will always be my fav person lol he my look totally different but that’s okay lol.
  8. Who is your favourite bloggers? I don’t really have one but I do like lilyxoxoh and chloepluscoffee because there content is just so good but I don’t have a “favourite” .
  9. Biggest pet peeve? Saying words over and over. Like for example “obviously” or “like” or “uh” I say those words a lot lol. Another pet peeve of mine is always being on my phone and never end up getting off of it. I’m so addicted to my phone lol. 
  10. You tubers you hate/ don’t like? Either Leslie Chavez or Annie rose. I mean I don’t hate them I just don’t find there videos fun to watch.
  11. What makes you happy? What makes me happy is being around positive people that make me happy and are cool to hangout with:)

Well there are my questions and thanks again lily for nominating me💕

My Nominees: 

Mylifeonline                                                          Kristenshane                                                         Newlune                                                                Emilyclarebeauty                                                    Lilyxoxoh                                                              WonderFabi                                                          Amethystrosebeauty                                                           Chloepluscoffee

If you don’t want to do this it is fine 

My questions:

  1. What is one food you cannot live with out?
  2. What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?
  3. What is your favorite book to read?
  4. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
  5. What is your favorite song?
  6. Do you have any habits if so what are they?
  7. If you had one wish what would it be?
  8. What’s your favorite soda?
  9. Favorite music artist?
  10. Who is the most positive person in your life

Thanks for taking the time to read this 💕 love you guys and if you haven’t followed already please do 💗

With love,



Fav Youtubers!

I love YouTube so much that I lay in my bed tell 3:00 in the morning watching it. And if you obsessed with YouTube like I am, then you really need to check these people out:)

•Alisha Marie•

Let’s be real here, we all know she a YouTube sensation with almost 6M subscribers lol. But when I first started watching here I basically binge watched allll her videos. And I mean all of them..😂I love her so much and really enjoy watching her videos! She post’s hacks, routines, DIY’S, and much more! Alisha uploads videos on her main channel every Sunday’s and Wednesdays.

Emma Monden•

Now you might not have ever heard of her before but I honestly love her videos so so much! She so positive and uhh I adore her.She post’s on Thursdays mainly and her Instagram is @emmamonden.     She has a variety of videos that all girls can relate to! She has 633k subbies and you sould definitely subscribe;)

Mel Joy•

I don’t know we’re to start, she is like the best youtuber everr omg I love to watch her videos! If your into makeup then you really need to subscribe because she does plenty of tutorials! She’s Just a 17 year old girl that loves beauty and fashion! She calls her subscribers her “beautiful best friends”.She is really pretty and kind and she has been doing YouTube for a super long time. She has 1M subbies!! I honestly want to be her she’s so gorgeous.

Reese Reegan•

Reese posts beauty and lifestyle related videos that you will love! She is 18 years old and is very prettyy. All her videos consist of tips, advice, and fun! I’ve been watching her for a very very long time, I can’t even remember how long lol. Go subscribe to her I promise you will thank me later😉

Karlee Steel•

Karlee is 18 yrs old and I enjoy her videos! (If your very young I would consider you not to watch her lol) she has her main channel, vlog channel, and she has a channel with her boyfriend (Karlee and Conner). Karlee doesn’t post a lot on her main channel but she does post quite often on her vlog channel! She posts Story times, reacting videos, Q&A’s, exc. I love her videos! 

Sarah field• (speaking of Sarah)

Sarah is a 16 year old girl that loves fashion! She does tons and TONS of hauls. She posts every Monday! Before you watch her videos just know that she’s obsessed with Taco Bell lmao. Her makeup is popping, like when is it not? my fav videos to watch on YouTube are Clothing hauls and that’s probably why I enjoy watching her videos;) So she has an internet bestie named Dorothy and she has a YouTube channel too, which is nexted😉

Dorothy Anderson• (That’s so Dorothy)

Dorothy is a 15 year old girl that is obsessed with making videos! I found her channel I believe in August of last year and I absolutely loved her channel, it’s clean and I love the way her Instagram theme just looks so nice! (Dorothyandersonn)Dorothy has 194k subbies! On her channel she posts lifestyle videos. She has a vlog channel also you should check out if u like her 😉 

That’s it!!! Comment your favorite YouTubers in the comments!! 

             -With love, Brook💓