Hello guys I’m just letting you know that I’m done blogging I’m just bored doing it so ya.


We’re have I been?

Hey guys. You may or may not care but I’ve been gone for awhile. And I would like to explain why. Aug,10 school started and ever since then that’s what I have been focused on. I go on WordPress basically everyday and check out what everyone has been posting. Sometimes I feel like I’m just wasting my time but other times I think maybe someone likes reading my boring post, I don’t know. I will get on track and I’m thinking about making a certain day of the week that I post on, maybe every Wednesday. I’m kinda mad at myself for just stopping, and not telling you guys. 

I’m kinda scared that my friends from my school are gonna find this and that would be a little wierd for them to find out that I wanna be a blogger, which it shouldn’t matter at all what people think. I have so many pictures I wanna share with you all so I thought I will, at the end of this post. 

Maybe comment down some ideas of what you guys wanna see or read about!! 


As you may know hurricane irma was a catigory 4/5 hurricane. It was a 1 or 2 when it actually hit Florida but peoples homes in Puerto Rico, Cuba, and other islands are some what destroyed. Hurricane Irma was an extremely powerful and catastrophic storm. Nothing happened to my house but my dads friends roof fell off.. So some people were lucky and some people were not. It kinda sucked because my power was off for awhile. But anyways, if your house got damaged or anyone that you know got hurt I’m sorry and it will get better
August 10-    First day of school.

August 13-    My birthday with lily 

August 14- Going out with my bestfriends. 

August 17- Walmart with lily

August 20- Went to aquatica.

August 24- Random pic at school 

August 25- Swimming…  obviously 

August 26- Sleepover with lily

August 31- Ice cream with lily (we are always together lol)

September 2- day with the cousins 

September 3- Hanging out with my friend 

September 4- hanging with other friend 

September 11- no power in our house because of hurricane Irma      

September 12- hanging with lily 

Septemeber 13- Seeing my aunt from England 

Sooo that’s it and I’m gonna start posting as Soon as I can!!

The Liebster Award!

Hey guys this is my second post today but that’s okay. Today, I was nominated for the Liebster Award by lilyxoxoh. Thanks so so much Lily!!

  1. What’s your favorite thing about having a blog? My favorite thing about having a blog is that I’m able to talk to you guys about everything and anything! I’m so happy that I have one because writing every night is fun to me and I just love it.
  2. Best year of your life (so far)? The best year of my life so far is 2017. This year has just been the best and I’ve had a lot of fun! I’m kinda sad that it’s almost over. But the reason this is the best year yet is because I basically have no regrets this year and there’s nothing I would take back!
  3. What’s one thing you did in your life that you really regret? There’s nothing I can think of at the top of my head but if I had to choose one, I regret my sense of style a couple years ago. Every time I look through my old phones camera roll.. just what was I even thinking. 
  4. What was/ is your favorite subject in school? My favorite subject in school would have to be History. I’ve never had a problem with history and I’ve always gotten an A in that class.
  5. What’s your favorite restaurant? I have sooo many favorite restaurants but one of my favs is either Olive Garden or Portofino’s. If you don’t know what those two are, Olive Garden is an itailian restaurant and Portofino’s is Italian too. I’m Italian that’s probably why I like Italian food lol.
  6. What’s your favorite quote? “Happy never goes out of style” 
  7. Who’s you celebrity crush? Justin Bieber of course I’ve liked him since I was like 7 and I still do:) he will always be my fav person lol he my look totally different but that’s okay lol.
  8. Who is your favourite bloggers? I don’t really have one but I do like lilyxoxoh and chloepluscoffee because there content is just so good but I don’t have a “favourite” .
  9. Biggest pet peeve? Saying words over and over. Like for example “obviously” or “like” or “uh” I say those words a lot lol. Another pet peeve of mine is always being on my phone and never end up getting off of it. I’m so addicted to my phone lol. 
  10. You tubers you hate/ don’t like? Either Leslie Chavez or Annie rose. I mean I don’t hate them I just don’t find there videos fun to watch.
  11. What makes you happy? What makes me happy is being around positive people that make me happy and are cool to hangout with:)

Well there are my questions and thanks again lily for nominating meπŸ’•

My Nominees: 

Mylifeonline                                                          Kristenshane                                                         Newlune                                                                Emilyclarebeauty                                                    Lilyxoxoh                                                              WonderFabi                                                          Amethystrosebeauty                                                           Chloepluscoffee

If you don’t want to do this it is fine 

My questions:

  1. What is one food you cannot live with out?
  2. What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?
  3. What is your favorite book to read?
  4. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
  5. What is your favorite song?
  6. Do you have any habits if so what are they?
  7. If you had one wish what would it be?
  8. What’s your favorite soda?
  9. Favorite music artist?
  10. Who is the most positive person in your life

Thanks for taking the time to read this πŸ’• love you guys and if you haven’t followed already please do πŸ’—

With love,